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Last thought

I have learned that there is something worse than being disappointed
It is to feel regrets.

I have also learned that there is something more dismaying than regrets
It is failure.

But you know what is something good about failure?

You learn from it.


When life becomes a burden and things go bad
When your actions seem to go wrong and you feel sad
When you lose hope in everything you do
Bear in mind that God is with you

When your mind is full of questions
And you feel a lot of hesitations
When your sacrifices mean nothing
Trust Him for there’s another day waiting

Scars of yesterday will stay
But it’s just a remembrance of how you’ve fought and prayed
Remember to keep your faith strong
For in God’s kingdom you belong


Every time I hear your voice
For me, it’s a pleasant noise
A voice that nobody can imitate
A voice that only angels can make

Your voice is as sweet as a candy
Or it’s just a gift from a fairy
Your voice is like a flower blooming in spring
Because endless love is what you bring

I’m running out of words to say
I wish I could talk to you till the end of the day
I can’t say that your voice is my weakness
It’s just that you are my happiness

Childhood friend

We’ve been friends since our childhood years
We’ve shared the happiness and tears
Even though we do a lot of crazy things together
We’re still close to each other

You cheer me up when I’m sad
You make me calm when I’m mad
You wipe my tears when I cry
You made my days lively when it’s dry

In joy or in pain
You’re here by my side even under the rain
I’m so lucky to have you
I know you feel the same way too

I’ll keep all the memories we had
And in my heart I know I will be glad
I hope that pur friendship will never end
Thank you my childhood friend

Gracious Savior

I am not perfect
But He loves me unconditionally
I am a sinner, yet He forgives me easily

When I am in pain and my tears started to fall
Thank you for reminding me that I am already enough.
My faith in you grows deeper and I became tough

When life seems to have no meaning and I worry about what tomorrow will bring
Thank you for reminding me that there is a time for everything
It is clear to me that utmost happiness will always be You

When time comes that I will feel lost and my hopes are gone
I’ll let everything go and just let Your will be done
Oh my gracious Savior, Jesus Christ

Thanks for coming

“Don’t worry,” He said
“I’ll protect you from anyone,” He whispered
He loves me though I am person full of fears
He cares for me though it would give him tears

“If someone would do anything to hurt you, I will annihilate them,” She said
“My dear, when things go wrong along the way,
Keep in mind that I am here to make everything okay.” She added.
And this is why I am at peace, because their protection gives me ease

No barrier ever surrounds the heart of my mom and dad
For they would do anything to protect me from anything sad
Because of them, I learned solace amidst solitude
For their existence, I look to God with gratitude